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Summer Sky (2019) – Albums


01 – In My Life

02 – Spring Breeze

03 – Cerf-Volant

04 – Largo

05 – Preludio de Adios

“Summer Sky” is my first classical guitar mini-album. I chose five very different pieces for this release to take the listener on this short but enthralling musical journey.

The album opens with my original arrangement of “In My Life”, which is largely inspired by an acoustic guitar and ukulele duet version made by Kotaro Oshio and Jake Shimabukuro. The slow tempo does change the mood of the song significantly and from the happy and upbeat it becomes more contemplative and lyrical, which in my opinion does really well to express the meaning of the song.

“Spring Breeze” is my arrangement of the traditional Taiwanese song, it is definitely among my favorites. At the time when I made this arrangement I couldn’t find much information on the origin of the song and its meaning so it was left free to my interpretation and I did my best to produce something on the basis of this melody that will be pleasant to listen to and play.

“Cerf-Volant” is an arrangement of the song composed by Bruno Coulais for the movie “Les Choristes”. The song plays during a very stirring cinematic moment at the end of the film when students locked up in their dorm to prevent them from seeing their favorite music teacher for the last time as he is being fired by the school. As their grateful goodbye they send down countless paper planes with messages from the dorm tower while singing “Cerf-Volant”, the song about the kite flying high in the sky. The soundtrack for this movie is filled with beautiful melodies and is among my favorite film scores, so I’m really happy that I was able to arrange “Cerf-Volant” for guitar.

“Largo” is a movement from Antonio Vivaldi’s immortal cycle “The Four Seasons”, Concerto No. 4, “Winter”. It is always difficult to arrange classical music for solo guitar, so I just tried to stay true to the original while adapting music in such a way that it would sound beautiful on the guitar.

The album concludes with my performance of the “Preludio de Adios” composed by Alfonso Montes, a powerful emotional piece, beautifully written, its contrasts and transitions are challenging for the performer but it is a pleasure to play.

As you can see, every composition on this album stands out and tells a unique story of its own. 

I hope you will enjoy this adventure!