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Today I want to share an excerpt of the piece I’m currently working on – Sarabande from Violin Partita No. 1 (BWV 1002).

I’ve always had deep admiration for Johann Sebastian Bach’s music. 

First, innocently I was captured by its beauty, later, as my understanding of music has grown – shocked by its complexity, and now, having experienced life’s ups and downs, overwhelmed by its philosophical depth.

Somehow, Bach manages to express most complex thoughts and feelings without diminishing or simplifying. His music is highly abstract yet at the same it is exploding with emotion. It is metamusic. I could never just put Bach in the same place as other composers, no matter how great, as his music feels like it is sounding from somewhere high above, as if the universe itself was speaking to us through it.

Playing classical guitar is what I missed the most during two years away from the instrument. I came across this Sarabande during my composition studies and immediately wanted to learn it (despite some of these stretches 😅).

Check out my video showcasing the fragment of this piece and grab the free tab of my transcription.

🎼 FREE TAB of this excerpt: