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Autumn Reflections (2019) – Albums


01 – Komorebi (comp. by Kotaro Oshio)

02 – Rain in March (comp. by Akihiro Tanaka)

03 – Tree Circle (comp. by Isato Nakagawa)

04 – Miotsukushi (comp. by Isato Nakagawa)

05 – Sakura (comp. by GIN)

06 – Sunset (comp. by Daria Semikina)

07 – The Sprinter (comp. by Isato Nakagawa)

08 – Little Kate (comp. by Takeshi Sakasegawa)

09 – Stream (comp. by Daria Semikina)

10 – Time Travel (comp. by Masaaki Kishibe)

11 – September (comp. by Daria Semikina)

“Autumn Reflections” is somewhat of a compilation album, it’s a collection of pieces that are not really related to each other in terms of common theme or concept yet all compositions on it somehow make a very smooth, organic listening experience.

Most of the pieces are my performances of the music written by Japanese guitarists.

The Japanese fingerstyle scene is something thatI’ve spent a lot of time researching and studying, so it’s no wonder that it had a tremendous influence on my early work. 

All the pieces I chose for this album have a similar mood and tone, they are contemplative and meditative, all with a strong focus on melody and emotional expression.

I’ve included three of my original compositions on this release as they blend in really well together in terms of style and sound.

Autumn is a beautiful, yet sad season. In art autumn represents transition, change and decay. Rich colors celebrate the season of harvest but inevitably hint on transience of beauty and youth. It is the time which inspires contemplativeness and melancholy and those emotions expressed in music are the connection between all the pieces on “Autumn Reflections”.