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“Before Sunrise” (2022)

Coming soon

“Transitions” (2021)

“Transitions” is my second classical guitar mini-album, featuring some of my favorite classical guitar pieces and two arrangements of popular songs.

“Transitions” represent the role of classical guitar in my life and my musical career – it is an extremely important instrument for me, I’ve spent many years of my life studying it professionally and my perception of it went a very long way…

“After the Storm” (2020)

After the Storm is an EP featuring five compositions for electric guitar in ambient style.

The EP opens up with “First Step”, a composition dedicated to a child, celebrating a miracle of the new life and beginning of a journey. This piece was written separately from the other four and stands on its own.

The next four compositions form somewhat of a cycle, all were composed in the summer of 2017 in a short period of less than a month during a particularly difficult phase of my life, dealing with a loss, so each has a very personal meaning for me… 

“Fingerstyle Covers, Vol. 2” (2020)

Coming soon

“Autumn Reflections” (2019)

“Autumn Reflections” is somewhat of a compilation album, it’s a collection of pieces that are not really related to each other in terms of common theme or concept yet all compositions on it somehow make a very smooth, organic listening experience…

“Fingerstyle Covers, Vol. 1” (2019)

Coming soon…

“Summer Sky” (2019)

“Summer Sky” is my first classical guitar mini-album. I chose five very different pieces for this release to take the listener on this short but enthralling musical journey.

The album opens with my original arrangement of “In My Life”, which is largely inspired by…

“Heart Strings” (2019)

“Heart Strings” is a collection of my interpretations of compositions by Japanese guitarist Masaaki Kishibe.

Kishibe is one of my favorite guitar composers, his distinctive style is marked by masterfully written melodies, beautiful and evocative, taking the listener on a wonderful musical journey…

“Christmas Songs” (2018)

This album features five arrangements of Christmas songs and traditional Scottish New Year song “Auld Lang Syne”.

“The First Noel” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” are one of my earliest arrangements where I focused on staying true to the original, while other arrangements are more mature work where I took a lot of liberties with harmony and even added some new music…