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Transitions (2021) – Albums


01 – Garden Steps (comp. by Andrew York)

02 – Romance de los Pinos (comp. by Federico Moreno Torroba)

03 – Transitions (comp. by Andrew York)

04 – Beautiful Promise (comp. by Hirokazu Sato)

05 – Ka-re-n (comp. by Hirokazu Sato)

06 – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

07 – Wonderful Tonight

“Transitions” is my second classical guitar mini-album, featuring some of my favorite classical guitar pieces and two arrangements of popular songs.

“Transitions” represent the role of classical guitar in my life and my musical career – it is an extremely important instrument for me, I’ve spent many years of my life studying it professionally and my perception of it went a very long way. 

At first, it was an instrument I wasn’t particularly interested in – I picked it up in order to study music in college but initially I actually was more interested in composing than playing. 

Later, as I’ve spent a lot of time studying and exploring its technique and repertoire it opened up to me, I’ve learned to understand and control it and in return it gave me the unique performing style I have today. It is the center around which all my musical development was built, it is the instrument of my heart on which I express myself the best and I have great respect for it.

The title is also reflecting the variety of repertoire on the album – all pieces not only come from different composers and different music eras but are also from different parts of the world.

The moods and sonic landscapes range from the sweet and playful childlike innocence of “Garden Steps” to majestic lyricism of “Romance de los Pinos”, from introspective meditativeness of “Transitions” to powerful emotional stories told by “Beautiful Promise” and “Ka-re-n”. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” with its soft melancholic narrative and gentle whisper of “Wonderful Tonight” blend smoothly with the rest of the album and conclude it as a tender peaceful lullaby.