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Heart Strings (2019) – Albums


01 – Hajimari

02 – Rainy Window

03 – November

04 – Shooting Star

05 – Drifting Clouds

06 – End of the Summe

07 – Dandelion

08 – Hana

“Heart Strings” is a collection of my interpretations of compositions by Japanese guitarist Masaaki Kishibe.

Kishibe is one of my favorite guitar composers, his distinctive style is marked by masterfully written melodies, beautiful and evocative, taking the listener on a wonderful musical journey.

This album is my little tribute to the genius of Masaaki Kishibe. In my performing philosophy I pay the utmost attention to the tone and musicality in order to create an overall immersive sonic experience and highlight the best moments in a work of composer. 

I’m proud to present this work and use my talent to give exposure to an outstanding contemporary artist.